Sunday, 27 July 2014

Leanne & Alex at Dunkeld House

This was one of those perfect summer days in Perthshire...and it feels so right that you can trully imagine it being like this all the time! Though everyone was dressed up and the setting was rather grand, the wedding still managed to feel small and relaxed with lots of laughs, and really personal vows spoken by both the Bride & Groom.

Down by the river after the ceremony. Photo by David Lozowy.

I took this one myself...just amazed that so much of the river bed was exposed...where Alex & Leanne are standing will 20 feet under the Tay by the end of November!

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Jenna & Ian's Football Wedding

"Jenna and Ian, may your intentions and commitment to each other remain strong, and may the foundation of your relationship be the love and respect you share.
Play fair with each other, and respect your fans.
Remember this day, those who came to wish you well,
the words you have spoken, and the love that you have declared.
Go forward in your lives together with the good wishes of all those who love you. 

A few last words now as full time approaches, with some help from poet Denys Jones…

Sing when you’re winning, Smile when you lose,
Don’t turn up your nose at a draw.
Keep trying, keep striving whatever the cost,
And don’t take your eye off the baw...."

 Jenna & Ian...Pride of Perthshire indeed!